Varying Staff Levels

Many businesses have a work load that varies during the day. It would be nice to match staffing levels with that workload. Below are a few examples of how you can achieve staffing peaks that match work peaks and staffing troughs that match work troughs. This sort of manning can only be acheived by using computers. It does take several minutes to sort out the shifts and the manpower levels on each shift, but the end result is worth it.
24hr day, M shape work pattern, 2 peaks, early morning & early afternoon

Frame 1, this could be a bus transportation workload.

24hr day, increasing workload, max at 4-6pm

Frame 2, this could be mail order.

24hr day, work load peaks at midday-early afternoon

Frame 3, this could be a hotel

24hr day, work load peaks early morning

Frame 4. this could be a repairs company.

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