Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this.

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Human Resources Management & Staff Rosters

The Management of Human Resources is based upon Staff Rosters.

Your company will use staff rosters, they are, after all, the most efficient method of staffing any organisation, so that everyone knows constantly and immediately, who is where and what they are doing. Thereafter Human Resources Planning is simple and easy? Not quite!

Unfortunately, if this is done manually and without proper training, it takes a long time to produce a staff roster and the end result is rarely good enough to have the impact on efficiency you would expect.

Training in Staff Rostering is essential to produce efficient and effective rosters quickly. There is no other area of management which will produce greater productivity and efficiency savings.

Staff rostering is not a one stage operation, as our training with show you.

Producing a staff roster involves combining many elements. Each element determines how it affects the final roster, and all elements interact with every other element. The elements are; Workload variation, staffing to match the workload, shifts to match the staffing requirements, staffing to match the shifts, creating the staff roster, inclusion of staff variables such as holidays. It is never possible to exactly match the different elements, training is essential to realise how each phase of the operation interacts with all the other elements so that it comes as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Training is essential to be able to react with a pre-determined plan for all possible deviations from the ideal. For instance, holidays, sickness, tight schedules and slack periods. Planning in advance saves time and inefficiencies. Being able to produce new rosters instantly to cover every element should key staff leave or an unexpected new rush order arrives, is a key advantage over your competitors.

Each element requires different tools and techniques. Our training covers each element in detail and how the results of one analysis feed through to the next stage of analysis. By delving into the detail structure of the problem, it is possible to see how an initially intractable, unsolvable problem becomes an interesting and challenging solveable problem only requiring your new skills and expertise. You will be able to take pride in devising the best solution for any given instance.

The training is wholly centered on your situation. It will involve using your internal rules, regulations, customs & practise and current legal requirements concerning employment. The training will not be in the abstract, so you can be sure that any solutions produced during the training can be implemented immediately.

Training can be carried out on your premises or our premises or remotely anywhere in the world. Training takes about 5 hours, but we work at your pace, not ours. We cover aspects new to you in as much detail as you need to fully understand everything, and, in areas where you are knowledgeable, we can swiftly move over them to the next topic. When the training is performed remotely, we will often spread the topics over several periods of time.

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