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Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this. If you have any questions, please call us.

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Considering A Merger or Acquisition?

Visual Rota * Staffing Analysis Software

From Day 1, your management will be in control.

To quote but a few people:

* * *

Watson Wyatt Worldwide

"Many mergers are financial failures because the people aspects have not been planned and managed properly."

* * *

Richard Campin 3i Director

"I think some crap investments have been made, and there will be tears."

"If you are careful, you can make a lot of money."

"You've got to be innovative, patient and do lots of due diligence."

* * *

British Venture Capitol Association

"The number of people employed in venture-backed companies increased by 24% against a national growth of 1.3%."

* * *

Richard Thompson Director PriceWaterhouseCoopers. London

"It is crucial to research extensively a potential investment in order to develop a clear strategy for the developement of the business post-acquisition."

"It is important to focus on the right measure."

* * *

Research The Company

I think that whenever you are considering a merger with another company, or to acquire another company, or any other sort of organisation, you should first look at the staffing of that company. The people I have quoted above write articles about mergers and acquisitions, and I have taken these quotes from just one issue of the magazine 'Acquisitions Monthly'. They all bear heavily on one aspect - Research the company. Don't take their image or hearsay comments as a true representation. Look as deeply as you can at the basic core of the company - the staffing system. You can take its products and its equipment and set up the business anywhere you like, but you are also 'buying' the staff, you are buying their training, their expertise and their potential. You want to buy their assets. The one thing you do not want to buy is their liabilities. If you don't research the staff, "you will end in tears".

Visual Rota can research the staff quickly and efficiently, it will benchmark the acquisitions staffing resources against your own, even better, it will benchmark their staffing against the 'ideal'. It will create the staffing model before and after acquisition. You can then assess the current state of affairs, determine whether important labour or financial alecrmation is being disclosed, or hidden from view. (Would you know how to 'hide' staff) You will be able to 'de-bug' the staffing system, and rebuild it in accordance with your requirements, your regime, your methods and means. You can impose your payrates, your staffing levels, your corporate philosophy and assess the future viability and profitability of the new enlarged organisation.

Visual Rota is being used by numerous organisation: The New Millennium Dome at Greenwich, Scotiabank, RMC, Kvaerner, United Utilities. Visual Rota is simple to understand by HR and Personnel departments, and by Senior Managers and Operational Managers. It will give you analytical and investigative skills far in advance of your competitors.

Visual Rota is an easy to use tool capable of tackling and solving even the most complex problems. Simplicity of use means low end-user training requirements.

As you look around, what tools do you have for assessing Other Companies. Practically none. You have EVA analysis, Accounts and hosts of Advisors producing business plans, cash flow analysis, forecasts, and the like. Visual Rota is real down to earth tool that tells it like it is, for good or bad.

What can you lose by calling me to find out more, absolutely nothing. What can you lose if you don't call? How about - everything.

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Tel: +44 1 636 816466

Alec Jezewski CDT (C-Desk Technology)

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