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We have produced a computer video about using Visual Rota
You will need to download the video file zipvideo.exe(click here to download) and this contains the video player and 4 videos about using Visual Rota. The videos will show you how easy it is to use to enter shifts. (to save space we have recorded in 16 colours, hence some of the colours revert to grey, rather than shades of red, blue and yellow)

Video Details
zipvideo.exe file size 1066102 creation date 17/2/98 11.47.46am
This is a self-extracting zip file. To expand, put the file into a new directory called 'rota' and double-click on the file. It will expand into 5 files.
scplayer.exe file size 789523 creation date 22/12/96 09.06
vr1.scm file size 947820 creation date 17/02/98 09.48am 6mins long
vr2.scm file size 503190 creation date 17/02/98 11.43am 2mins long
vr3.scm file size 284705 creation date 12/02/98 1.12.08pm 3mins long
vr4.scm file size 99641 created 13/2/98 10.29.46am 2mins long
Instructions to Use Video.
Run scplayer.exe by using double-click on file, or start/run. To see the video use double-click on the file name vr1.scm or open file or start/run.
The video controls are very simple.
Play. rewind, fast forward, stop, open file.
The video shows you how to enter shifts which have been pre-defined as A for an afternoon shift, M for a morning shift and E for an early shift.

You will see how to zoom in, and how the numbers of staff on duty change as shifts are entered.

You will see the hours and cash pages and later how these are updated automatically every time you enter a shift.

We will then introduce a new shift' L for late, which the computer automatically examines and because it has not been used previously, it starts the 'shift wizard'

The 'shift wizard' asks all the relevent question it needs about the shift, and it can then be used in future.


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