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Visual Rota
User Guides, Help File and Video

The next selection is for people already familar with scheduling staff and want to see how the program works

Help File(50k)

This link downloads the help file, load it into a new directory and use Start/Run.

Video about Visual Rota

This link is to a page describing a video you can download

User Guide (40 pages)

This will download the User Guide. It is a MS word.doc It is called zipuserd.exe (180k). It is a self expanding zipfile. To unzip, save it to a new folder called ROTA and double click the file to expand(you will need DOS on your machine)

Short User Guide (4 pages)

This links to a page where you read a shortened version of the User Guide


Visual Rota requires no ongoing training expenses-it's very easy to use, however,we can provide as much assistance as you need.

More alecrmation about Visual Rota

Human Resource Management:Training in Staff Rostering

user guides,help & video record keeping using VR calculating holiday entitlements shifts overlapping pay rates
creating new schedules with VR shift pattern generator changing over to VR hotels and staffing
See your staffing costs as you prepare the schedule On Oct.1st 1998 the new regulations came into force Frequently asked questions Using Visual Rota Statistics to make decisions
 Managing Change. How to introduce changes How to use annual hours in planning schedules What is Whatif analysis? How having too many staff can affect quality as well as too few staff
Continually  short staffed-fact or myth How to reduce staff painlessly please email us Theory and creating the staffing schedule

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