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changing shift patterns guide

Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this. If you have any questions, please call us.

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New Businesses Making Money

Staffing costs are the major expenditure of all businesses and especially those in the service industry. Service industries include; nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, government, etc. A business plan is about making money, accounting for costs and expenditure, taking financial advice and making a financial plan. Money is required to start a business and the business must make money. Visual Rota software is a tool used to forecast staffing costs and methods of optimising these costs.

2 Examples

The New Millenium Dome

The new Millennium Dome will have a spectacular show in the centre of the Dome. Several times a day, every day of the year , the centre show will excite and thrill you.

* * *

The show will use hundreds of staff from aerial riggers to lighting to wardrobe, working around the clock.

* * *

The staffing rosters for the entire year are in place, the start and finish times of each shift are in place and the cost of the show personnel is in place.

* * *

Now they can start hiring staff.

* * *

All this has been possible using Visual Rota's Consultancy service

A New Nursing Home

A new nursing home is planned to be built on a green field site for 55 beds. Visual Rota Consultancy created the staffing roster, costed it out and made recommendations for saving staffing costs. In effect, we created two staff rosters, the first used the organisations current staffing system, the second used the optimum staffing roster. One recommendation concerned the staffing overlap in the middle of the afternoon caused by using 8 hour shifts. The difference in costs caused by the overlap came to 1,000,000 over the life of the home(20 years).

The Bank Manager

My bank manager called recently to discuss our plans for the future, as he occasionly does whenever the weather is perfect and he can sit outside The Old Rectory, enjoying the sunshine and the magnificent views over the river. We showed him a few examples similar to the above and he literally exploded in excitement. 'These are brilliant!' The detail of staffing costs is just what he has always wanted from the business plans presented to him. 'Most plans use some arbitary factor for staffing, but we never know if the number have been plucked from the air, and these are just what the bank needs.'

Business Plans Examples

Another website PaloAlto can give you examples of well written business plans, which you can view and reproduce. They are 20+pages and each example explores in detail the minutiae of the business sector and their plans.

Then they deal with their staffing numbers & costs. They give no staffing numbers and no pay details, except the overall total of the annual cost. Where do they get the total from? Very little in the business plan shows those details or where they have come from. If the plans had included details from Visual Rota, then the use of personnel and their costs is self evident, and it would have taken less time to produce these figures than any manual method.

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