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Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this. If you have any questions, please call us.

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"I am an Engineer and the Staff Rosters I create are Engineered for their purpose. They are robust and infinitely flexible. They are mathematical based but designed for Human Beings and the work they do. Each person is an important element in the complete roster, just as every task they will do is a part of the total workload. By building the Staff Roster from known finite element components, it becomes very efficient and capable of adjusting to new circumstances very quickly. Each person in the Staff Roster is still an individual with all that entails. The Staff Roster will allow a huge amount of personal flexibility without compromising the operational needs of an organisation.
I shall identify the risks involved, the problems encountered and the best solutions. All organisations will need to make many decisions based on the work I shall do, but I will make sure they are alecrmed decisions.
This method works from data, the more data we have the easier the task. Obviously, there is a conflict with Time. Data is from the Past and the Roster is in the Future. I shall use past data and future plans to create the Staff Rosters for the future, but, leave them flexible enough to change course whatever the future brings. "

Alec Jezewski
Consultant in Staff Rostering

Companies can be incredibly uptight at the same time as they are incredibly relaxed about their wages bill. They know it is too high but at the same time they do not know how to increase the efficency of the Staff Roster, so they leave it, or assign someone to 'look' at the problem.

Do you have a Project in Staff Rostering or do you want to change your Shift Patterns ?
Are you wondering where to start?
We have a checklist you can ask for.

Projects can range in size from affecting just a few people in a small section in a department up to global projects involving many companies.

Terms used in rostering:
24x7 means 24 hours/day and 7 days per week
24x365 means 24hours/day and every day of the year
8x7 means 8 hours/day 7 days per week
8x7x2 means 8 hours/day 7 days per week and 2 staff on duty

Small projects:
Typical projects are 24x365x1, 16x365x2, 24x5x52x1
These are basic building blocks in Staff Rostering and is used in most projects at some point. It means setting up a staff roster to provide people on duty at all times, or part of the time. This might be manning a telephone, security, Residential Home.
Even the largest project typically require a 24x365x1 element for certain key staffing such as Shift Managers or Team Leaders.

Department Projects

Every large company has a department that needs to be staffed 24x365, for instance Computing and Production processes. Staffing levels can be flat or varying by the hour as they do in call centres. Within the department there may be a skills mix to adhere to as well as just numbers.

Single Site Projects

Every large company has many departments and different rostering requirements for the departments.

Multi-Site Projects

Many companies have several sites within the same country. They might be interdependent and need to match production across a range of sites.

Multi-Site Multi-National

Many companies have several sites spread between several countries. They might be interdependent and need to match production across a range of sites.

Multi-Site Multi-National Multi-Company

Many companies having several sites spread between several countries. They might be interdependent and need to match production across a range of sites. Aircraft manufacture and Military projects for example.

The Scope of a Project

Most projects start as pilots and are relatively small, requiring a few days by a single consultant to complete the project. Sometimes projects involve numerous locations with a country. Occasionally, projects can span the globe, involving factories, supply chains and distribution centres in many countries. Then we use worldwide consultancy practices and push the project via their local resources. This enables CDT to help everyone, anywhere.

Your Future

Most of our project start by an individual (you) in an organisation contacting us, and more often than not, the work we do is transferred via you to the organisation. A successful project is always good to have on anyones CV. But more than that, you can repeat the success over and over again throughout your current organisation or any other organisation you may go to in the future. The knowledge you acquire in this project is transferrable across every single employee, everywhere in the world.


Recent Projects include

Multi National Oil company. Comparative analysis of 6 different staff rosters using 8 and 12hr shifts, projected over 10 years to determine all criteria of relevance to 400 staff. 24x365 working. Presentation of all rostering data in easy to understand format.

University Creation of a new Maintenance Department to look after all buildings and plants scattered throughout the Capitol. 24x365 working. Continual consultancy support. New Staff Handbook, Terms & Conditions.

Multi National Manufacturer. Factory of 400 staff moved from Monday-Friday 24hr working to 24x355. Xmas-NY off. New everything. Continual consultancy support with daily updates. Interim staff rosters, staggered start dates, operational needs paramount requiring several start dates.

Multi National Telecoms company. Three current operationss centres and locations combining into one new operations centre . 24x365 working. Staff political issues of paramount importance.

Multi National Manufacturer. New staff rosters, moving from 3 teams to 4 teams of staff, 24x365. Union problems with new roster from outset.

National Call Centre. New Call Centre. Projected workload used to determine staff roster.

Single Site Manufacturer. Production moving from Monday Friday,x8hrs to 7x12 working. New Staff Handbook, Terms & Conditions. Continual consultancy support

Multi National Engineering company. New Call Centre using current staff and new staff. Moving from Monday-Friday 8hrs to 24x365. Many restrictions with current staff.

Power Station. Downsizing and new Staff Rosters to maintain staffing levels.

999 Emergency service Many smaller Call Centres combining into one new Call Centre. 24x365 working. New shifts, new Terms & Conditions.

ISP 24x365 support department. Variable staffing levels.

Multi National Engineering company. New 24x365 breakdown and repair service

Residential Homes. Private and Public. New efficient rosters

National Newspaper. New computer support department Multi skilled staffing 20x365.

Multi National Food Manufacturer. New staff roster as part of downsizing procedure.

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