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Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this. If you have any questions, please call us.

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Specialization and the Creation of Wealth

Adam Smith, 1723-1790, the leading figure in the development of economic theory states in his great work, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 1776, that great increases in production can be brought about through the division of labour.

This work has influenced government legislation and policy ever since, and is still just as relevant today. Smith asserted the basic importance of labour as the principle source of wealth and society is most productive, and wealthy, when the labour is divided and specialised

Specialists practice their speciality much more than anyone else, they are much more productive since practice makes perfect. Specialists are able to use the best tools with the best techniques using up to date modern methods.

Britain has used specialists to forge ahead of the world many times in the past, Farming in the 16th century, Isaac Newton in the 17th century, Engineering in the 18th century, Dalton (atoms), Faraday(electromagnetism), Maxwell (electricity, magnetism) in the 19th century, Antibiotics, Jet Engines, Computers, Genetics in the 20th Century.

Wealth is based on specialization. All of the worlds top companies specialise. Staff Rostering is one more specialised subject.

Just as the use of Operations Research, Operations Management and Operations Planning are separate subjects that will give you the best productivity for mechanical resouces.

Staff Rostering will give you the best productivity for Human Resources.


Our first contact with you will be because you have a problem with staffing. Typically we are given a short agenda, as in,

'Is there a roster to give us 2 staff on duty Monday-Friday and one at weekends' (Alcan)

'We need a roster to give us 2 staff on nights, one on days, 24x365' (FCO)

'We currently operate a manufacturing plant on a 3 shift 5 day operation. We want to move our operation to full 7 day working.' (Isola)

'We are a small company that are about to go to 5 shifts from 4 shifts to give us more flexibility. . Do you supply a service of giving samples of various shift patterns?'

Most of these roster requests carry 'a lot of baggage', and these problems require specialist knowledge to provide solutions. Using our expertise and experience, we help you quickly through the process. The process is:

Workload; Staffing Numbers; Shifts; Staff Employment; Staff Roster; Workload

Clearly, this is a cyclical analysis and each step is important. At each step, decisions have to be made about the future. At each step you have to Know the Unknowable. We work with you to produce a plan for the future, no matter what the future brings.

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