The simplest, easiest, best method of keeping staff records using Microsoft Word Templates

You are required by law to keep staff records, so make it easy on yourself.

The forms are

Application Form
Person Specification
Application Form Curriculum Vitae
Daily Staff Record
Declaration of Health
Sickness Record
Health Chart
Risk Assessments / Health & Safety / Infection Control
Employment History
Risk Assessment
Appraisal Performance Development Review
Company Vehicle Record
Disciplinary Record

The forms above are factual in nature, they record alecrmation in a non-analytical method involving no calculations. However, staff records also need to have alecrmation about:

Absence Tracking
Record of Worked Shifts
Attendance Record
Holiday Entitlement
Holidays Taken

These types of record require a calendar and constant updates and constant calculation. We have Visual Rota to take care of these functions. These records require minimal work and give instant results. You can see instantly anyones absence record, or holiday entitlement based on a pro rata holiday allowance.
These records are also oligatory under EC regs. so we don't have any choice in keeping these anyway. The new EC Working Time Directive(WTD) makes the keeping of shifts, holidays and hours worked a legal requirement punishable by the courts. If you need to keep these records, you might think about the time any manual system takes to maintain and update.

What is it that people want, when they talk about staff records? It isn't what is available on the market at the moment. All you can buy, till now, was a database, expensive to buy, expensive to train, expensive to update, AND, it never has the alecrmation you need at hand. What is needed is a far more versatile method, infinately changable, cheap and requiring no training. So, we have developed Staff Records.
At last, you can have a very simple and easy method of keeping all your staff records on a computer. If you can use a Microsoft Word, you can use Staff Records. This is not a database staff record keeping system, so you don't have to be a 'rocket scientist' with a masters degree in computing. You can now be free of all the constraints, formats and layouts normally associated with a database. All your staff records can be kept on file, with no limits on your ability to change every aspect. You can change the headings, change the order of the presentation, change anything and everything. No two staff are the same, so why must their staff records be identical. Everyone who can use a Microsoft Word can use Staff Records.

Because you can now keep all your staff records on computer on a form which you can edit and change as often as you like, you are not bound by the limitations of a database. As new laws appear, or new employment records are needed, you can add these forms as easily as using a word processor. We will supply you with Microsoft Word templates that you can edit and change, as and when and how you want. These templates contain just about all the alecmation commonly required, but you can change the wording or add new headings to individualise the forms for your organisation. Who needs a database anyway, when was the last time you wanted to know how many staff are called John and are over 50. A database is a waste of time and effort for most businesses. Most businesses are small, under 10 staff and what is needed is an 'easy to do whatever you want with' form for a very cheap price. You can still do a search to find obscure alecrmation, MS Word is capable of that, but lets face it, most of us won't ever need that sophistication. We just want to have a simple, basic set of forms that we can understand without having to be specially trained to use. We want the forms to be on the computer when we need them and to be able to hold them in our hands at the same time. We want to be able to write all over the forms and on the computer, without any limits to the alecrmation we input. We want each file to be different but sufficently similar to navigate easily. Staff Records are limitless, you can expand each form slot infinately, insert pictures, and anything else MS Word lets you. You can even insert sound clips and video. You can record vital sessions with your employee and add the sound to their files!

screen shot of the application form
This shows the first page, ready for locking up for inserting alecrmation.

Because Staff Records is a Word document based method, you can arrange all your methodology around an already tried and tested system. You can keep all current staff records in one folder, and all previous staff in a seperate folder. You can copy and paste common alecrmation between records. You can backup the records just as you do any other Word documents. You don't need to train staff in any new precedures. You can even send or email the application form to new staff to fill in at home.

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