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Changing to new Shift Patterns

If your Company is thinking about changing to new Shift patterns. We describe the processes involved to do this. If you have any questions, please call us.

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Care Plans on Computer

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The Nursing Process - This is a 5 step process nurses use to help look after their patients. It's steps are very similar to the steps of the scientific process. It is usually a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care.

1 - Assessing - collecting, verifying and organizing data about the patient.; data is obtained from reports, the patient.s chart and measurements, your assessment, observation, other healthcare personnel, interviews, etc

2 - Diagnosing / Analyzing - forming your nursing diagnoses; a nursing diagnosis is a statement of an actual or potential health problem

3 - Planning - formulate your "plan" to assist the patient involves formulating goals/expected outcomes, setting priorities, and identifying nursing interventions to help patient reach their goals

4 - Implementing / Intervention - put your Nursing Care Plan into action

5 - Evaluating - evaluate your interventions, reasses and analyze, etc

Tuition and examples in using Care Plans to look after patients is available from CDT

CDT produce a set of Care Plans to look after patients. These are word processor Document templates. As templates, they can be generated time and again for all your existing and new patients. The templates can be edited by you in your Home to suit your working practices. You can change the wording and the layout. You can add new lines of alecrmation. If the spaces to input alecrmation are too small, then simply increase the size of the space. These templates work just like any other word processor document so you can fully customise them. Once you have the document templates on your computer, you can print off as many copies as you like for your Home or hospital (we only ask that you leave our copyright on each document). We will supply you with these templates on disk or through email as an attached file. The price for the CDT Care Plans on disk or email is £50. We can also supply you with pre-printed 40 page booklets of the Care Plans for £9.50 each (min order 20) with your name on the pages.

There are 18 Separate Care Plan Pages.

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1. Pre-Admission Assessment

2. Care plan - Overall Assessment

3. History Sheet, Doctors' & Hospital notes

4. Moving & Handling Risk Assessment

5. Risk Assessment, Health & Safety, Infection Control )

6. Pressure Sore # Risk Assessment

7. BP/Urine/Weight charts.

8-15 Nursing Care Plans 1.Mobility & Comfort. 2.Communication. 3.Activities. 4.Clothing. 5. Hygiene. 6.Diet. 7.Elimination. 8.Relaxation & Sleep.

16. Nursing Care Plan - 9.Daily sheet

17 Diabetic Chart

18 Fluid Chart

CDT Care Plans on Computer

The care plans Word processor document templates. The templates are supplied to you to directly fill in on the computer, or, you can edit the templates to suit yourself, or, you can print off the care plans & manually fill them in, or, you can combine the above options. You can fill some of plans on the computer, print the forms off and then fill them in manually.

CDT Care Plans on disk or E-mail £50 inc VAT.

CDT Care Plans pre-printed(40 page) booklets in a folder £9.50 inc vat (min order 20)

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This chart & Other charts available as word processor templates for sale
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